Episode 1

The Doe In The Desert

Farm workers discover a woman's body on a desolate road in rural California. A decade on, detective re-open this cold case with new forensic technology.

Episode 2

A Girl Has No Name

In 1992, the body of an unidentified woman is discovered deep in the Mojave Desert. Nearly twenty years pass before a car-crash leads to a surprise identification.

Episode 3

The Doe In The Wood

Two ATV riders find a woman's scattered bones on a wooded trail in Florida. A dogged detective seeks Jane Doe's identity and her killer.

Episode 4

The Tent Girl

A woman's body is found in a tent bag in the Kentucky woods. 1000 miles away, a family seeks a missing mum. Both cases go unsolved for decades - until...

Episode 5

Daughter, Sister, Diamond, Doe

The body of a young woman appears on the side of an Oklahoma highway, as a family seeks their missing daughter trapped in a dubious relationship.

Episode 6

The Disappearing Doe

The body of a teenage girl is found in a culvert by an Arizona freeway. Earlier, in Washington State, a teen is on a quest for love after a troubled...

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