Episode 1

Disappearance Act

When a mother of three goes missing, the small town of Renovo search everywhere for her. Two suspicious ransom notes could lead police to a suspect.

Episode 2

Secrets Laid Bare

19-year-old Francine discovers her parents murdered in their home. As detectives dig deeper into this seemingly perfect family, they uncover a scandalous secret.

Episode 3

The Girl in the Lockbox

When Lori Ruff is found dead, her family and friends are left reeling. Worse, the investigation reveals she was lying to them for years about her identity.

Episode 4

A Legacy In Question

When a young man who is next in line to inherit a family ranch in Colorado goes missing in 2015, an investigation reveals lies, greed, and deceit.

Episode 5

Obstacle of Affection

When a married student is found stabbed to death in North Carolina, detectives find she lived a double life - a tale of jealousy, rage, and unrequited love.

Episode 6

The Glass Heart

A couple enjoy an idyllic rural life in California until a gruesome murder rips it apart. Investigators unravel a trail of deceit and assassins for hire.

Episode 7

No Hiding the Truth

When mother-to-be Jenny Webb doesn't come home her loved ones are worried. Later that night, their fears are confirmed when she's found dead.

Episode 8

Murder is A Heavy Burden

When a hardworking trucker is shot dead in his truck, detectives are left with few clues to find his killer. Two years later, a confession cracks the case.

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