Episode 1

Enemy Inside The Gate

When a woman's millionaire boyfriend reports her missing, police have little to go on in their search. An unlikely witness appears, uncovering a web of deceit.

Episode 2

Killer Cuts

A popular resident of Eastman, Georgia, mysteriously disappears. As the search for him intensifies, police make a horrific discovery and focus on an unlikely suspect.

Episode 3

Monster Of Deception

In Tallahassee, Florida, the community is shocked when a mother and her three children are brutally murdered. Who could be responsible for the grisly crime?

Episode 4

Family Lies

An unthinkable crime cuts short a family man's quest for a better life in Florida. To find the culprit, detectives must unravel a deadly web of deception.

Episode 5

Diabolical Devil

A religious community mourns an elderly couple when they are murdered in their home. Investigators uncover a web of lies and wicked desires.

Episode 6

Murderer In The Ranks

When a young man disappears, it sparks a 20-year investigation that uncovers two bodies and a lifetime of lies. The elusive killer hides insatiable desires.

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