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About The Show

The hostages are released from aboard the whaling ship. However, as normality returns, the Sea Shepherd crew learn they are being followed by a mysterious ship.


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Episode 1

Surrounded by Spies

The Sea Shepherds embark on a new campaign; with three vessels leaving from different ports, Captain Paul Watson faces the task of being the admiral of a fleet.

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Episode 2

Crossing Danger

After attempting to outrun and engage his pursuers, Captain Watson makes a risky decision. Meanwhile, the Sea Shepherd's speedboat, Ady Gil, is in need of repair.

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Episode 7

Revenge Is Mine

In the aftermath of the devastating loss of their stealth vessel, the Sea Shepherds return to the campaign with renewed passion and intensity.

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Episode 8

Ready to Snap

The hunt for the Japanese whaling fleet has been brought to a halt and as the Sea Shepherds head back to port, the radar shows two unavoidable colossal storms.

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Episode 9

A Bloody Trail

The Sea Shepherds are surrounded by four whaling vessels, one of which is dangerously close, and as the deck crew braces themselves, the ships violently collide.

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Episode 10

Zero Hour

The Sea Shepherds refuse to be bullied by the Japanese fleet. The deckhands assess the damage from the collision and realise that there is a gash in the steel hull.

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Episode 11

Fire in the Sky

It's the first coordinated multi-boat engagement of the campaign and the crews of both ships develop innovative new tactics to harass the whalers.

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Episode 12


The Sea Shepherd vessels get caught in a major storm, and Pete Bethune analyses helicopter footage of the Japanese vessel he plans to board.

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Episode 13

To the Ends of the Earth

Pete Bethune boards a whaling vessel and presents himself to the captain. Later the volunteers reflect on what they call their most successful campaign yet.

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Episode 14

From Pirate To Prisoner

Peter Bethune recounts his time aboard the ship that took him into custody, held him for nearly a month on board and led to his lengthy detainment in Japan.