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About The Show

Bob Golka has been trying to a make a ball of lightning for 50 years and his latest attempt involves wiring 28 submarine batteries to a tub full of water.


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Episode 1

The Locust that Watched Star Wars

Biologist Claire Rind shows a locust footage from Star Wars, observing its neural responses to determine its amazing ability to avoid obstacles.

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Episode 2

How Sticky is Your Gecko?

The Weird Connections team reveals how geckos, and their natural climbing skills, could potentially soon save lives.

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Episode 3

The Fly

Professor Michael Dickinson has solved the mystery of insect flight and starts a series of experiments providing a robotic roller coaster ride, beginning in California.

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Episode 4

Honey My Frog Is Flying

In 1996 a physicist made a frog float, the first time a living creature was levitated using magnetism. Could this solve a huge problem for astronauts?

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Episode 5

Great Balls of Fire

Bob Golka has been trying to a make a ball of lightning for 50 years and his latest attempt involves wiring 28 submarine batteries to a tub full of water.

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Episode 6

The Roachmobile

Follow scientists as they put a roach in the driving seat of an electric vehicle and send it on a road trip around their laboratory.

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Episode 7

The Blindfolded Seal

By blindfolding seals, Dr Guido Denhardt has discovered how they locate fish in zero visibility waters. This answer could help save the environment.

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Episode 8

The Sound of Vomit

What is the worst sound in the world? And how could it bring us peace? Research started by Professor Trevor Cox is helping to provide valuable answers.

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Episode 9

Brain Drunk

Cutting edge technology shows that we can learn to control our own brain activity to benefit us physiologically. How could this change our future?

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Episode 10

Tripping Up Grannies

How can tripping grannies save lives? The Weird Connections team follow leading scientists through their revolutionary discoveries about human balance.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Quack Science

Does a duck's quack echo? The answer may have world changing implications.

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Episode 12

The Vomitator

Meet Frederick Bonato, a man who makes people sick for a living. His experiments lead to NASA where a cure for space sickness could help astronauts go to Mars.

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Episode 13

The Mosquito Banquet

Why do mosquitoes bite some people more than others? That's the mystery Doctor James Logan is trying to solve and he discovers it is all about body odour.

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Episode 14

The Invisible Gorilla

Professor Dan Simons believes he can make gorillas disappear right before your eyes. Not a magic trick, it is a phenomenon called inattentional blindness.

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Episode 15

Facial Recognition

Meet the man who shows blue movies to pigeons. This bizarre experiment leads to face transplants and cameras that could protect national borders from terrorists.

Coming Soon

Episode 16

Human Sniffer Dogs

Meet Professor Noam Sobell who has discovered that human noses work in stereo, paving the way for other scientists to investigate the amazing sense of smell.

Coming Soon

Episode 17

Bottomless Bowl of Soup

Professor Brian Wansink makes his students guzzle down tomato soup, as he strives towards his goal of putting an end to harmful addictions.

Coming Soon

Episode 18


How the habit of pencil chewing may be just what is needed to develop a new and surprisingly effective weapon to stop terrorists.

Coming Soon

Episode 19


Dr Paul Rozin's students eat fudge shaped like dog excrement. This is not a form of punishment, he is trying to understand why humans find certain things disgusting.

Coming Soon

Episode 20

Swimming in Syrup

Imagine how swimming through syrup could lead to tiny robot surgeons inside human patients that can fix bodies without the need for dangerous surgery.

Coming Soon

Episode 21

Monkey Genius

By studying chimpanzees, experts are investigating whether we could all unlock the hidden potential in our heads by switching off parts of the human brain.

Coming Soon

Episode 22

Good Vibrations

A London vet has discovered that gentle vibrations cause animals to grow stronger bones, and make less fat cells. But what could this mean for humans?

Coming Soon

Episode 23

The Dog that Knew Too Much

Could your pet dog hold the key to earthquake early warning systems that could one day save lives?

Coming Soon

Episode 24

The Moth that Thought It Was a Spider

Could humans learn something from a tiny moth that is using the technique of mimicry to avoid being eaten?

Coming Soon

Episode 25

The Law of the Urinal

Dr John Paul believes we all act according to unspoken social rules and by understanding this behaviour we could save lives.

Coming Soon

Episode 26

The Subsonic Chicken

Dr Roger White is trying to understand the dangers that aeroplanes face from bird impacts. His discovery sets off a journey of Weird Connections.