Episode 1

The "Curse" Begins At Christmas

At Christmas, 1989, the Harris family is killed in New York. Just as things seem normal again, the horror returns. And a "curse" lasts for ten years.

Episode 2

Thirteen Days In Winter

In February 1990, the Dryden community searches for a missing little girl. Three years later, the "curse" returns when a love triangle turns to murder.

Episode 3

Dryden's Dark Soul

Two love stories turn to tragedy in Dryden. A woman awakes to see one friend murder another. Then a football coach meets his daughter's deranged ex-boyfriend.

Episode 4

The Final Fall - Part 1

As news of the football coach spreads, Dryden prays the worst is over. But in 1996, three tragedies lead to its reputation as a "Village of the Damned."

Episode 5

The Final Fall - Part 2

In 1996, Dryden's story reaches its conclusion when two cheerleaders vanish. Residents have no idea that a sociopath has been living amongst them for years.

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