Episode 1

Pop-up Food Van

Chewy Design Co. owner Brett Lewis turns an old mail van into a home. Plus, he transforms a Mexican food truck for Chef Rolando to take out on the open...

Episode 2

Family Of Five

Brett must get creative to fit four beds, three school desks and a kitchen inside a brand-new van for an adventure-ready family of five.

Episode 3

Wedding On Wheels

A newly engaged couple puts their big day in Brett's hands. He builds the ultimate hosting van full of high-tech surprises for the couple.

Episode 4

Surfing USA

Surf's up! Brett builds a mobile surf shop for his buddy, Alec. He rebuilds a worn-out van and equips it with a loft bed and room for Alec's surfboards.

Episode 5

Family Camper

Brett builds the dream camping vehicle for an outdoorsy family of four. He tackles the challenge by adding a kitchen, bathroom and bunk beds for the kids.

Episode 6

Rock And Rolling

Brett helps a Nashville musician get a van ready for tour by giving it a recording studio and a place to sleep - and of course, full of cowboy flair.

Episode 7

Cycle For A Cause

Brett builds a mobile bike shop for two friends and their non-profit. He creates the space to transport and repair all the bikes before their West Coast adventure.

Episode 8

In Honor Of Mom

Brett builds a peaceful retreat on wheels to honour a client's late mum. One of his most elaborate builds, it includes a bedroom, bath and kitchen.

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