Episode 1

Impossible Perpetrator

When Candace Hiltz is killed in Prison Valley, police pursue her troubled brother. With no evidence, the case goes cold - until a storage unit offers clues.

Episode 2

Killer Confession

When Lea Porter vanishes in Prison Valley her family turn detective to try and find her. Their investigation leads to a shocking discovery.

Episode 3

The Kill List

Prison Valley is rocked by the murder of prisons chief Tom Clements. But how is it connected to the death of pizza delivery man, Nathan Leon, two days before?

Episode 4

The Absent Father

When Jim Durgan's body is found in Prison Valley, his estranged wife and his girlfriend can't explain it. Further investigation unravels a staged murder plot.

Episode 5

The Second Shot

When popular housewife Dianne Hood is shot dead outside a community centre, officers unravel betrayal, greed and obsession in a love-triangle murder plot.

Episode 6

The Jehovah Jinx

Jehovah's Witness Pam Candelario is killed in a home invasion and her husband is brutally beaten. It turns into one of the weirdest murder cases the cops faced.

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