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About The Show

Paul Cox endures a tumultuous childhood plagued by tension with his parents and a drinking problem. But with his sobriety comes recurring nightmares of a gruesome crime.


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Episode 1

Death Pact

For years, Travis Kirchner and his mother Pat have run the Poki Roni horse ranch in El Paso, Texas. When Pat is found dead, police have a baffling mystery to...

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Episode 3

Ordained to Kill

When Thayne moves in with Bob Strout and his wife, it's as if he's found the family he's always been yearning for. But Thayne's life soon begins to unravel.

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Episode 4

Supermarket Slaughter

Arunya Rouch runs the seafood department at one of Florida's busiest supermarkets. But after being bullied by a fellow worker for months, Arunya seeks revenge.

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Episode 5

Love Lies Bleeding

Linda believes she has it all. She's married to handsome and wealthy Jeffrey Dolloff. But when Jeff gives her some bad news, Linda's life begins to unravel.

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Episode 6

Deadly Demons

Walter Smith is a Marine Corps soldier back from Iraq. Diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Walter finds comfort in the arms of young artist Nicole Speirs.