About The Show

World-Class car customizer Will Castro goes flipmode on Busta Rhyme’s tired tour bus, then tackles NFL star Odell Beckham Jr’s treasured Mercedes.


Episode 1

CHiPS & Rolls

When pop culture icon, Erik Estrada from the classic 80's cop show, CHiPs, wants to transform his genuine wood-panelled '83 Rolls Royce Limo, he knows who to call.

Episode 2

Nick Cannon's Muscle Car Makeover

Entertainer Nick Cannon brings in his 1967 Chevelle that comes with plenty of muscle. The 750 horsepower supercharged monster needs a new interior.

Episode 3

Geraldo's Beat Up Pickup & Pro Player's Dream Ride

Geraldo Rivera brings his 2004 Tacoma to Team Unique. The guys are shocked - every inch of the car needs to be worked on.

Episode 4

Fat Joe's Range & A Bitchin' Wide Body 'Vette

The shop flips a Range Rover makeover for rapper Fat Joe. Will and the team turn a new wide body Corvette Z06 into a unique showpiece.

Episode 5

Khaled's Key Edition

DJ Khaled asks to meet Will on a corner in New York City. He wants to take a brand new Jeep Wrangler & make it the most unique ride ever!

Episode 6

Mike Epps Camaro

Team Unique transforms Mike Epps' Camaro convertible into a custom dream ride. Plus, Will and the team take on a one-week conversion of a Jeep Sahara.

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