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14th April


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Undercover Billionaire is back proving once again you don’t need anything but drive and good people to build something big. With only 90-days and nothing but $100 dollars in their pockets, in this season three millionaires will put $1 million on the line to go undercover and build a thriving business for a small-town in the US. Monique Idlett-Moseley, founder and CEO of Reign Ventures, a technology fund that empowers young entrepreneurs to create their own multimillion-dollar businesses, Grant Cardone, international motivational speaker, real estate investor, sales trainer and author, and Elaine Culotti property tycoon and interior designer extraordinaire all try to make the American dream a reality.


Apr 14



Episode 11

The Manifesto

Monique steps up her game with a new sales tactic, Grant issues a manifesto to set his company on a new path and Elaine secures a big partnership.

Episode 1

Three Million Dollar Bet

With just $100 in their pockets, three business titans are dropped in unfamiliar cities and challenged to build a $1 million business in just 90 days.

Episode 2

Hustle Up

Grant hustles to kickstart his business and get out of the RV, Monique needs work and pressure to test her concept, and Elaine lands on a million-dollar idea.

Episode 3

Pressure Tests

After a catastrophic setback, Grant struggles to regain his footing. Monique goes all in on her idea. Elaine expands her team and lands a critical business partner.

Episode 4

Fist Or Finesse

Grant receives a shocking call that could mean game over. Monique's plans go up in flames just before her investors pitch. Elaine comes up with a unique plan.

Episode 5

The Closers

Monique doubles down when her fundraising deadline passes. Grant launches two $1 million business ideas. Elaine rushes ahead with renovations.

Episode 6

Be Afraid, But Do It Anyway

Elaine has a setback when an investor pulls out. Monique lands a side hustle at an iconic business. Grant struggles with his marketing company.

Episode 7

Turning Points

Monique's rent money rides on rebranding a business. Grant faceplants in front of a room full of potential investors. Elaine creates another money-making tranche.

Episode 8

Cocktail Of Chaos

Grant seeks redemption when a major deal implodes. Just as Elaine gains momentum transforming the inn, the ceiling caves in. Monique turns down a big pay day.

Episode 9

Dumpster Fire

Three self-made billionaires go undercover in a small American town, where they have just 90 days and $100 to build a million-dollar business.

Episode 10

Wake Up Call

With less than a month to hit the $1-million mark, Monique gambles on a new revenue stream. Grant faces the team about their suspicions and Elaine makes big changes.

Episode 12

T-Minus 7 Days

Elaine's soft open is derailed by an unexpected disaster and a lack of funds. Plus, Grant has a breakthrough as he hustles to close two more deals.

Episode 13

Episode 13

Three self-made billionaires go undercover in a small American town, where they have just 90 days and $100 to build a million-dollar business.

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