About The Show

Glenn Stearns is a self-made billionaire. He grew up poor in the remote outposts of Maryland and was just 14 years old when he became a father. A few years ago, he sold his company for $2.2 billion and he believes if he can do it, anyone can.

Now, he’s putting his belief to the test in a series that taps into his expertise to see if it’s possible to create a million-dollar company in just 90 days, as he partners with a deserving candidate. But, there’s a twist: the real identity of our mogul will remain anonymous to everyone around him. He’ll be dropped off in a remote community with little resources and no contacts.

The road to success is rarely an easy one – he will need to build connections, relationships and get a job that pays cash to build a company from scratch. If he’s successful, at the end of the 90 days, he’ll turn over the company he built to the people who helped him out along the way – and he’ll reveal his identity to those around him.


Episode 1

Million Dollar Bet

Billionaire Glenn Stearns takes on the daunting challenge of building a million-dollar business in just 90 days, starting with only $100 in his pocket.

Episode 2

Stand Up Or Die Trying

Glenn hits a breaking point that sends him to hospital and threatens to shut down his mission of building a million-dollar business before it has started.

Episode 3

Take The Bull By The Horns

Glenn decides to take a risk and bet all the money he's earned so far on his most ambitious scheme yet, however there's a big issue with the new venture.

Episode 4

House Of Cards

Glenn decides to double-down on his million-dollar idea with a bold new plan to expand the business, but a problem arises that could jeopardise everything.

Episode 5

No Pain, No Gain

Glenn is in hot water after losing a critical deal, and as the pressure mounts the rest of the Underdog team rally to flip a house that could save the...

Episode 6


The Underdog BBQ team are up against a tight deadline as they prepare for their opening day, and Glenn may have let the cat out of the bag after a...

Episode 7

Trial By Fair

Glenn invests every penny he has into Underdog BBQ's big debut and first real chance to make money. However, a problem with stock causes major issues.

Episode 8

Final Reckoning

Glenn is at the end of his 90 days and it is time to find out if he has created a business worth a million dollars. But first, Glenn must...