Episode 1

Return To Erie

Glenn Stearns returns to Erie to check up on Underdog BBQ and make a big announcement. Over a year after going undercover, Glenn catches up with the team.

Episode 1

Big Pivot, Big Profit

Self-made billionaire Glenn Stearns is called on to rescue Tipsy Bean, an Erie coffee shop with huge potential but suffering from a fatal flaw.

Episode 2

All Hustle, No Cash Flow

Glenn enlists a secret weapon to turn Erie entrepreneur Michael Hooks' multiple hustles and side gigs into a life-changing business empire.

Episode 3

Married To It

Glenn calls on his friend Cat Cora to help save a 60-year-old Italian diner. The husband-and-wife owners must adapt to the times to keep the eatery alive.

Episode 4

Sell To Survive

Glenn returns to save a staple of Erie manufacturing that's fallen on hard times. To secure a big deal, he puts the owner through a salesman bootcamp.

Episode 5

Knocked Down, But Not Out

Glenn teams up with Tae Bo inventor Billy Blanks to transform a struggling karate studio into a fully-fledged fitness empire.

Episode 6

Underdog Underwater

Glenn takes on his biggest challenge yet: saving his own business, Underdog BBQ. Changes include new sources of revenue and a shocking decision.

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