Episode 1

He Comes Back

When Merry Jackson tries to help her daughter, Lori, break free from her abusive boyfriend, both their lives end up in grave danger.

Episode 2

Dad's Garage

When a mechanic falls ill, his 12-year-old son LJ Bobish wonders how they will cope financially. Secret meetings in the family's garage lead to a fatal visit.

Episode 3

Mother's Day

The Minor family move to North Carolina after a big promotion for mum Grace. But her husband's resentment soon explodes into a night of horror.

Episode 4

Snow Day

Gina Edwards' dreams of her cousin living close by are dashed when her aunt's live-in boyfriend starts showing a darker side - and the women fight for their lives.

Episode 5

My Scar

When Gabby McKenzie starts seeing a new man after a bad breakup with her son's father, it's not long before her family home becomes a violent war zone.

Episode 6


After Heather Reid's half-sister Maryann moves in with her and her parents, the once-orderly household is soon rife with tension that escalates to murder.

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