Episode 1

Break, Enter, Kill

Sunny Hostin journeys to rural Galien, Michigan, to investigate the case of a 33-year-old woman who, after disappearing, was found in a shallow grave.

Episode 2

Death Ride

29-year-old Elizabeth Ferrell's body was found floating in the Louisiana bayou. How did the mother end up dead nearly 300 miles from her Texas home?

Episode 3

Always Be Mine

Former prosecutor Sunny Hostin re-examines the premeditated murder of 23-year-old mother Danielle Marshall. Who was the killer and how were they caught?

Episode 4

Knock Twice For Murder

Sunny Hostin travels to the quiet coastal town of Milford, Connecticut to revisit the murder of Kelsey Monahon, a 28-year-old pregnant woman.

Episode 5

Murder At The Window

Sunny Hostin examines a perplexing case in which Malinada Gibbons, a pregnant woman, was found brutally raped and murdered in her own home.

Episode 6

Terrible Place To Die

Two teenagers are brutally attacked by a stranger in a park in Portland, Texas. Helped by the survivor, police desperately hunt for the callous killer.

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