Episode 1

In Pursuit of the Bounty

Underwater archaeologists dive into the wreck of the HMS Pandora, the ship sent to round up and capture the participants in the mutiny on the Bounty.

Episode 2

Return to Ground Zero

Archaeologists William Gray Johnson and Colleen M Beck piece together a record of the Cold War mentality and the scant evidence of the first nuclear tests.

Episode 3

Death at Pompeii

Explores the high-tech methods used to study the 300 bodies found in the ruins of this city, which was destroyed by a catastrophic volcanic eruption.

Episode 7

Raiders of the Civil War

Revealing how the location of the CSS Alabama might, upon excavation, give an insight into a little-explored chapter of the American Civil War.

Episode 8

Florida's Lost Empire

How the Spanish missions influenced the Native American Indian population and Spain's grasp on the developing nation.

Episode 9

Russian Amazons

A joint Russian-American dig reveals the high status placed on these female warriors and priestesses by the lavish manner in which they were buried.

Episode 10

Rogers Rangers

Disorganised and disrespectful throughout the French and Indian War, they became the model for the Green Berets.

Episode 11

Glory of Macedonia

Thought by the Greeks to be a land of barbarians, it was also a spectacular country known for its art and as the birthplace of Alexander the Great.

Episode 12

City in the Clouds

What is the secret of the remarkably preserved Sagalassos, a city perched 5,000 feet above the Aegean? It was prosperous, so why was it abandoned?

Episode 13

Temple Of The Kama Sutra

Examines the intricate designs of 11th-century sculptures at the Khajuraho temple in India, which are provocative, even by today's standards.

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