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9th December


About The Show

The competition is fierce between a full glitz pro, Eden, and fans favourite, Cameron, a pageant veteran. Which child will win the biggest crown?


Dec 9


Episode 2

Lollipops and Gumdrops Pageant

A glam drag queen trains up Hailey, while sassy Pageant star MaKenzie faces sisters Kaylie and Brooke. Only one can win the grand prize - a playhouse!

Dec 10


Episode 3

Universal Royal Hollywood

With $10,000 at stake, tempers run high, and conspiracy theories abound with the pageant mums. But will Mia, Issy or Saliz win the Ultimate Grand Supreme?

Dec 11


Episode 4

Glitzy Divas

Novices Ever Rose and Adriana compete against pageant veteran Madi at the Glitzy Divas pageant in Hot Springs, Arkansas. But who will impress the judges?

Dec 12


Episode 5

Beautiful Me Disco Pageant

Destiny's mum has pushed her credit cards to the limit to pay for her daughter's hobby. Meanwhile, Camari needs to bring her best to outshine Sami-Jo.

Dec 13


Episode 6

Darling Divas - New York

At Darling Divas, glitz princesses Shian and Isabella go up against the notorious Paisley to compete for the big title in a New York themed pageant.

Dec 16


Episode 7

Universal Royalty Christmas

Mini divas Ava and Katlyn, and pageant newbie Hailey compete at the Universal Royalty Christmas pageant in Austin, but whose festive outfit will impress?

Dec 17


Episode 8

Circle City Wild West Showdown

Daisy Mae, Bridget and Jacy all share the same coach, but will loyalties be stretched when they compete in a Wild West showdown pageant?

Dec 18


Episode 9

Southern Celebrity: Fairytale Winter Pageant

Gabby and Alaska battle on stage for the title in the Fairytale Winter Pageant. Meanwhile, Ava is confident, despite a lack of practice.

Dec 19


Episode 10

Storybook Pageant: Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl's best friend at the StoryBook Pageant, but chaos ensues for Kylie, Trinity and Sienna when their score sheets are revealed.

Dec 20


Episode 12

Me and My Pet Pageant

Will Karley and her pet snake scare away the competition? Or will Kali and her pet dog impress the judges with unique their Kung Fu routine?

Coming Soon

Episode 13

America's Genuine Jewel Pageant

Mackenzie, Damitri'ana and Lacy Mae go to the ends of the earth to win at America's Genuine Jewel Pageant with an around the world theme.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

International Fresh Faces: Fairy Pageant

Samantha is a perfectionist with big expectations, and Ava-Cate practices her booty smack whilst her mum prays she doesn't do it on stage.

Coming Soon

Episode 15

Mississippi Sweet Pea Pageant

A Mississippi ballroom is transformed into an island oasis for the luau themed pageant. But will it be Emma, McKenzie or Liz who impresses the judges?

Coming Soon

Episode 16

California Tropic Arizona

A modelling contract is up for grabs at the California Tropic Arizona pageant. But will sassy Kayla or pageant pro Kailia be able to take advantage?

Coming Soon

Episode 17

Miss Mardi Gras Madness

Can pageant-pro Amiya, talented Tori and diva Jasmine overcome their pageant day debacles and reign supreme at the Miss Mardi Gras Madness Pageant?

Coming Soon

Episode 18

Out of This World Pageant

Ava thinks she'll wow the judges in Georgia with her alien themed routine, shy Jayla comes alive on stage and toddler Bella is late for her routine.

Coming Soon

Episode 19

Hollywood Stars Pageant

Celebrity crazed Mia, cutie Kelsey and confident Casey compete for a talent contract. With the stakes so high the pressure is on to win a chance at stardom.

Coming Soon

Episode 20

Universal Royalty Motown

Mackenzie and her brother Christian compete against feisty Jayla and newbie Chloe for the top prize of $1,000 in the Universal Royalty Motown Pageant.

Coming Soon

Episode 21

Little Mr and Miss Nevada

Sassy twins Scarlett and Isabella compete against Georgina's students Elizabeth and Kylee at the Little Mr and Miss Nevada Pageant in Las Vegas.

Coming Soon

Episode 22

Intl. Fresh Faces: Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby does full glitz at the IFF Pageant in Lexington. Kendyl, Jozy and Alanna are ready to compete. But who will take home the crown?

Coming Soon

Episode 23

Beautiful Me: 50's Pageant

Glitzy Ava, sassy Emma and cute Destiny rock around the clock 1950's style at the Beautiful Me Pageant in Tennessee. But who will impress the judges?

Coming Soon

Episode 24

Southern Elite: Cirque

Jersie, Ashley and rivals Gracie and Faithlyn all compete for the crown at the Southern Elite: Cirque Pageant. But who will come out on top?

Coming Soon

Episode 25

Stars N' Glitz: Fiesta

It's fiesta time at the Stars N' Glitz pageant. But will sassy Alyssa impress judges, or will they be wowed by Ariana and her perfected routines?

Coming Soon

Episode 26

A Glitzy Life For Me - Pirate Pageant

Paetynn, Elesha, and pageant pro Daisy are out to swash buckle the competition at the Pirate Pageant in Nacogdoches, Texas.

Coming Soon

Episode 27

Intl. Fresh Faces: Circus Pageant

The big top gets a makeover as Oliviana, Alivi and glitz newbie Katlyn vie for the circus crown at the IFF Pageant in Macon, Georgia.

Coming Soon

Episode 28

California Tropic: Under The Sea Pageant

Newbie Cariah, pageant pro Alyssa and tomboy Jordan go under the sea to compete at the California Tropic Pageant in Reno, Nevada.

Coming Soon

Episode 29

Cheetah-licious Pageant

Things get wild for Brooklyn, Bella and Emma Belle at the Cheetahlicious Pageant in Quapaw, Oklahoma. But will it be the survival of the fittest?

Coming Soon

Episode 30

Carolina Queens Pageant

Glitz newbies Selena and Mackenzie face fierce Faithlyn at the Carolina Queens Pageant in Columbia, South Carolina. But who will impress the judges?