Episode 1

From The Ground Up

With help from her big sister, Joanna, Mikey collects vintage pots and plants to open her dream retro plant shop business and host her first big sale.

Episode 2

Growing Pains

Mikey's new plant shop is growing quickly. With important business decisions on the horizon, she seeks advice from her big sister, Joanna, and her family.

Episode 3

A Blossoming Brand

For her upcoming event, Mikey enlists Joanna's help to create custom products and transform her vintage 1967 camper to be the face of Ferny's.

Episode 4

Setting Up Shop At Silobration

Mikey and Joanna finalise the inventory for Ferny's retail space at the big event. Mikey opens for business and hopes Ferny's will be a success.

Episode 5

Setting Down Roots

After a successful as a pop-up shop, Mikey and Joanna collaborate on the design and launch of a permanent storefront that presents new challenges for Mikey.