Episode 1

No Leg To Stand On

When a man's body washes up in the Kentucky river, police rule out his ex-girlfriend as a suspect. Years later, an unexpected twist turns everything upside down.

Episode 2

The Killer In The Corn

When a young couple is found murdered and mutilated, police build a case against an unlikely suspect. 25 year later, the terrible truth is finally revealed.

Episode 3

Kentucky Confidential

When Susan Smith becomes a FBI informant, her list of enemies grows by the day. So when she disappears, it's anyone's guess as to what really happened to her.

Episode 4

GI Gone

When a mother of two suddenly vanishes, her husband claims she ran off with another lover. But her family suspects something much worse. 14 years later, the truth emerges.

Episode 5

Every Step You Take

After 30-year old Katrina Smith vanishes, investigators find her car and video footage of a hooded stranger the night she disappeared. Soon, dark secrets emerge.

Episode 6

Triangles And Tribulations

When an expectant young mother gets caught up in a love triangle, heartbreak leads to murder. Detectives dig deep into the past to determine the truth.

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