Episode 1

John Doe 57

When a tip from a missing persons' network helps identify the body of a John Doe murder victim, investigators' questioning unravels a dark tale of betrayal.

Episode 2

My Name Is Denise

In North Port, Florida, police get a call that a young mother has vanished from her home. A trail of incoming 911 calls leads officers on a hunt for her...

Episode 3

Missing Half

In Dayton, Ohio, a young mother goes missing after attending a party one evening. When her body is found, her identical twin is certain foul play was involved.

Episode 4

Enter Frame Left

When a young woman in Overland Park, Kansas disappears after visiting the mall, store CCTV footage reveals an abduction. Days later, her body is found in the woods.

Episode 5

A Mothers' Love

In the Atlanta suburbs, a pregnant mother and her fiancé are kidnapped on the night before their baby shower. Soon after, the fiancé's family receives ransom calls.

Episode 6

In The Dead Of Night

In Rison, Arkansas, a young woman is abducted from her home in the middle of the night. When officers find her body, they uncover a horrific murder plot.

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