Episode 1

Missing Mothers

Prisma Reyes vanishes from a car park after footage shows her getting on an elevator. And, Andrea Knabel is last seen walking home in the early morning hours.

Episode 2

Never Came Back

In 2019, Tyler David disappears after a night out celebrating his birthday. And, Kristal Reisinger vanishes after heading to a drum circle.

Episode 3

Disappearances In Santa Monica Mountains

Elaine Park spends the night away from home and is never seen again. And, Matthew Weaver Jr. vanishes after partying with friends.

Episode 4

Off The Face Of The Earth

13-year-old Tabitha Tuders walks to her bus stop each morning, but one day she doesn't come home. Shemika Cosey vanishes while at a sleepover.

Episode 5

Missing Teens

13-year-old Tara Calico goes on a bike ride, but never comes back. And, the search for Desirea Ferris leads investigators into a world of underground crime.

Episode 6

Night Out Gone Wrong

Brian Shaffer is seen entering a bar, but there's no evidence of him leaving. James Liedtka is never heard from again after going to a local bar.

Episode 7

Missing Mother And Child

Joanna Clark and her oldest daughter, Shariece, both vanish on the same day. And, 8-months-pregant Akia Eggleston misses her own baby shower.

Episode 8

Out The Door

Jesse Ross goes on a school trip to Chicago, but never returns to his hotel room. And, Alexis Scott vanishes after going to a party in Illinois.

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