Episode 1

Smoke And Mirrors

When a fire burned down a parsonage behind a church, Paula Allen lost her life. Upon investigation, a fire marshal discovers that this fire was no accident.

Episode 2

Cult Of Personality

In 2014, gunshots are reported in the Rodgers home. Doctors and detectives piece together the events that led up to what looks like an attempted murder-suicide.

Episode 3

Letters In The Closet

In 2014, Karla Villagra Garzon went to get medicine for her daughter but never returned. The next day, her husband reported her missing - what happened to her?

Episode 4

Warning Signs

In 2006, Angela Ferguson tells police her husband left during an argument and hasn't been seen since. When his body is found in a car boot, it becomes a murder...

Episode 5

Before Vegas

In 2000, Casey and her boyfriend T.J. disappeared, never to be seen alive again. Detectives turn to the friends they were with the night they vanished for answers.

Episode 6

She Was Gone

Lisa Moore disappeared three months after a seemingly amicable divorce. But, when her family find her truck abandoned in a carpark, they believe she has been murdered.

Episode 7

Ex's and Alibis

Louisiana Melton and her boyfriend Phillip Brown are shot dead. Police have little evidence, a lot of suspects and a shocking lie in the way of uncovering the truth.

Episode 8

Wheeling And Dealing

In 1996, the owner of a successful business takes a trip to meet a mystery woman. But, when he goes missing, police believe something sinister has happened.

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