Episode 1

Dying Words

A chilling 911 call from a remote country home contains cryptic clues to a shocking murder that divides a small Missouri town and shatters a prominent family.

Episode 2

Mattress Store Murder

A mother relentlessly stabbed in a Pennsylvania mattress store in broad daylight. The murder can only be solved by a hidden clue at the crime scene.

Episode 3

Lie Detected

A shot rings out late at night inside an Arkansas house on the edge of the woods, terrifying the town, but strangely not a family's usually alert dogs, who don't...

Episode 4

Tracking a Killer

A testosterone-fuelled weekend for five young men at an Atlanta area car show ends in a beautiful woman's murder - yet nobody sees or hears a thing.

Episode 5

A Woman To Kill For

When a married teacher is killed inside a Washington State home, police believe they know the killer. But the truth is far less obvious.

Episode 6

Romance Roulette

A daring start to a new chapter in life turns into a nightmare of violence when a vivacious young woman is stabbed to death in her apartment.

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