Episode 1


Explosives experts Dr Braden Lusk and Dr Paul Worsey blast an 1800 ton steel bridge and two giant steel cranes. Will the demolition go off with a bang?

Episode 2

Coral Gables

Lusk and Worsey are in Florida to reduce the Ponce de Lion tower to rubble. But how do you demolish 1000 tons of concrete when it's encased by 2500 tons...

Episode 3


Explosives experts Dr Braden Lusk and Dr Paul Worsey blast two menacing towers in Scotland and a hurricane resistant hotel in Alabama; but will the demolitions succeed?

Episode 4


Explosives experts Dr Braden Lusk and Dr Paul Worsey blast a dangerous island resort and a crumbling industrial chimney; but will both demolitions go off with a bang?

Episode 5

Foxburg, PA

Explosive experts Dr Paul Worsey and Dr Braden Lusk investigate a high-rise demolition in Glasgow, and the blowing up of an old bridge in Pennsylvania.

Episode 6

Louisville, KY

Explosives expert Dr Paul Worsey examines the demolition of a giant office building in Louisville, Kentucky, which uses a pioneering technique called post-tension.

Episode 7

Fort William, Scotland

Explosives experts Dr. Braden Lusk and Dr. Paul Worsey examine two steel paper mills that are about to get blasted, but with totally different methods.

Episode 8


Braden makes his way to Newcastle where 2,500 detonators are being used to blow up a bottling plant. Meanwhile, Paul is challenged to create his own detonation sequence.

Episode 9

Bismark, North Dakota

Paul meets Cody Gustafson, who comes from a long line of demolition men. His latest job is to demolish a 760-metre-long steel bridge in North Dakota.

Episode 10

Weirton, West Virginia

Dykon's Jim Redyke and his partner Chester Grace have to take down four massive structures at an old steel mill, with just two days to get the job done.

Episode 11

Toronto, OH

Blaster Jim sees a monster 650ft, 10,000 ton monster chimney blow up in smoke in Toronto, Ohio. Plus, how can you detonate a massive 150,000 brick tower safely?

Episode 12

Charlotte, North Carolina

Explosive experts Lusk and Worsey demolish a collapsing skyscraper and a colossal coliseum, but will these high stake implosions go according to plan?

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