Episode 1

From Gay to Z

The shocking stories about King James and his edition of the Bible. Plus, erotic poems from an island of lesbians, and queer secrets about the old American West.

Episode 2

Sashay It Forward

Some of the greatest artists and scientists of all time were queer! These are the steamy details about Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Ma Rainey and more.

Episode 3

Queen Work Makes the Team Work

How did the power of lust inspire ancient Greece's army of boyfriends? Plus, there's a look at the history of the rainbow flag.

Episode 4

Kings and Queens

Some of history's greatest leaders were queer. There are revelations about Abraham Lincoln's queer affairs, and a non-binary tyrant who ruled ancient Egypt.

Episode 5

Pride or Die

Queer people have risked their lives fighting for their rights. How did the queer revolution begin in the Stonewall Inn and why was Joan of Arc executed?

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