About The Show

Dr. Emma Craythorne and her team of experts are on a mission to solve complex skin conditions. They help people whose lives have been impeded by devastating disorders.


Episode 1

The Itchiest Skin Known To Man

Dr. Emma sees Chris, who is suffering from an itchy, sore rash. Plus, she tends to Lauren's pulsating lump and Sarah's bulbous red nose.

Episode 2

It's A Whopper

Ex-model Sarra hates her huge lipoma. Kzartan's face makes him a recluse, Emily's life is ruined by her psoriasis and Kevin has nowhere left to turn for his lump.

Episode 3

My Lump Weighs 10lb

Graham has developed a huge, solid lump on his inner thigh which has given him life-threatening infections. Dr Emma is his only hope for treatment.

Episode 4

I Look Like A Camel

Dr. Emma helps Alan get rid of the protrusion at the top of his back. And will she find a treatment for Jane's smelly, sore skin and Danielle's red face?

Episode 5

I'm More Than My Skin

Kayleigh's acne has blighted her life and Howell's had enough of the lump on his scalp. Dave just can't stop scratching and Christine's cyst has got to go.

Episode 6

Kids' Special: It's Heartbreaking

With a history of leukaemia, Libby's mum is worried about her mystery rash. Baby Emerick's severe eczema makes him scratch until he bleeds.

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