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Dr. Emma Craythorne and her team of experts are on a mission to solve complex skin conditions. They help people whose lives have been impeded by devastating disorders.


Episode 1

Rae, Sophie, Connor And Vicki

Rae comes to see Dr Emma with a large, very strange and uncomfortable growth just above his buttocks. And, Vicki has a big lump that keeps growing.

Episode 2

Najib, Antony, Annmarie, And Sam

Emma treats Antony, who has huge growths on his ears. Plus, Sam's confidence took a huge dip when a lump grew in the middle of her forehead.

Episode 3

Becky, Alan, Bernadette, and Leon

Becky has horrific volcano-like itchy welts all over her body. 80-year-old Alan is desperate to get rid of a massive lump caused by a camel bite.

Episode 4

Caroline, Antony, Cerys And Dan

Caroline suffers with excessive hair growth all over her face. Strange lumps on Antony's testicles have prevented him from having a relationship.

Episode 5

Peggy, Andrea, Kerrie, And Aldrin

Dr Emma helps a father who suffers from a condition that leaves him in constant pain. Plus, Peggy's large lipoma has dented her confidence.

Episode 6

Kids Special

Starla has developed a large growth on her tummy that is causing her pain. Plus, 3-year-old Clay has a horrendous fungal infection all over his fingers.

Episode 7

Leanne, Trish, Carrie, Jak

Leanne's fear of surgery has stopped her from getting a large lipoma removed from her back. Plus, Jak has a mysterious skin condition on his leg.

Episode 8

Katie, Krish, Keith, Miya

Katie's huge leg ulcers have left her in unbearable pain. Plus, Miya has big bumps growing on her left ear after one of her piercings got infected.

Episode 9

Georgia, Kirsty, Sharon

Sharon has postponed her wedding because of a large lipoma on her right shoulder. And, Georgia seeks help for her severe case of palmoplantar pustulosis.

Episode 10

Jelani, Emma, Monique

Jelani has a skin condition that has left him with painful lumps and unsightly scars. Monique seeks treatment for a strange lump at the end of her nose.

Episode 11

Michelle, Ally, Lee And Gareth

Michelle has a condition that caused her whole face to become inflamed. Ally lost all confidence when her body became covered in red patches.

Episode 12

Rimi, Maureen And Lydia

Rimi suddenly developed huge, unsightly open wounds all over her face. Plus, Maureen revisits Dr Emma to get her remaining keloid scars removed.

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