Episode 1

Don't Drop A Dime For A Nickel

Host Mark Walberg welcomes four couples to the island paradise. Later, these unsure couples are separated and introduced to 24 flirtatious singletons.

Episode 2

He's Been A Bad Boy

The participants pick a singleton to take on a first date. And, there's some racy antics at the guys' villa as the women join them for a game of truth...

Episode 3

You Did Me Dirty

It's disco night at the girls' villa, but drama puts a damper on the groovy fun. And, Nickole is upset with Corey after he asks another woman on a date.

Episode 4

Blake The Fake

Tensions boil over in the girls' villa as Chelsea accuses Blake of being fake. Alexcys and Kendal's intimate night together leads to an emotional bonfire.

Episode 5

Three's Company

It's decision time as seven singletons are sent home from the island. Plus, Nickole joins Kendal and Alexcys in the bedroom for some 'adult cuddling.'

Episode 6

Unexpected Loss

Thomas is surprised by footage of Chelsea growing closer to Blake. Kristen opens up about a family tragedy, while Kendal and Alexcys talk about kids.

Episode 7

Message In A Box

After an emotional elimination, the couples are allowed to send a thirty second video message to each other. Thomas is shocked by what he receives from Chelsea.

Episode 8

The Tables Have Turned

While Alexcys has an early night, Kendal flirts with the idea of spending more time with Nickole. Sophia cheers up Thomas, and Erin stands up for Corey.

Episode 9

No Regrets

As the participants go on their final dates, Kendal is forced to choose between Nickole and Alexcys. Julian goes ring shopping, while Thomas kisses Sophia.

Episode 10

Final Bonfire Part 1

At the final bonfire, Corey and Erin decide whether they want to leave the island together. Plus, Kendal and Erica have a tense showdown.

Episode 11

Final Bonfire Part 2

Will Thomas and Chelsea decide to leave the island together? And, Julian has a big question for Kristen at an emotional final bonfire.

Episode 12

The Reunion

Erin and Corey's relationship is tested during a fiery discussion about their time on the island. Kendal faces criticism from Erica, Alexcys and Nickole.

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