Episode 1

Lethal Attraction

When the body of 18-year-old Tina Hendricks is found in a canal, police home in on a local bar. But it will take a cross country manhunt to find her...

Episode 2

Deadliest Catch

What seems a simple accident becomes a murder case when 32-year old Mike Mueller's car is found across state lines. Will the car offer police the crucial clue?

Episode 3

Stranger In The Night

The Arlington murder of Sharyn Kills Back remained a mystery for more than 20 years. Then, a surprise tip to Fort Worth Police promises to crack the cold case.

Episode 4

Wrong Side Of The Tracks

After the body of wealthy Richard Hodges is found by the Missouri River, police find his mother has also been killed inside their home.

Episode 5

Mystery At Palm Beach

After 30-year-old Lloyd Tobin is gunned down on a lakefront beach in Texas, his family starts their own investigation to help police solve the case.

Episode 6

Secret Rendezvous

When a night out ends in bloodshed for 23-year-old Navy veteran Raul Mendoza, Houston police have many questions. But a tip from his sister could hold answers.

Episode 7

What Happens In The Woods

A party in the woods ends in tragedy when the body of 18-year-old Jarret Clark is found in a lake. Will a surprise witness help solve the murder?

Episode 8

Point Of No Return

Two teens are shot dead on a remote Florida beach in broad daylight. But with two jurisdictions on the case, leads are scarce - until an unexpected call comes in.

Episode 9

Lost Highway

22-year-old mum, Shawn Williams, goes to the store one night and never returns. Her body is found the next day along an Oklahoma river. Is the killer a man in...

Episode 10


The body of 20-year-old transgender female, CeCe Dove, is found floating in a suburban pond near her Cleveland home. Are the motives personal and primal?

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