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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Lethal Attraction

When the body of 18-year-old Tina Hendricks is found in a canal, police home in on a local bar. But it will take a cross country manhunt to find her...

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Deadliest Catch

What seems a simple accident becomes a murder case when 32-year old Mike Mueller's car is found across state lines. Will the car offer police the crucial clue?

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Stranger In The Night

The Arlington murder of Sharyn Kills Back remained a mystery for more than 20 years. Then, a surprise tip to Fort Worth Police promises to crack the cold case.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Wrong Side Of The Tracks

After the body of wealthy Richard Hodges is found by the Missouri River, police find his mother has also been killed inside their home.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Mystery At Palm Beach

After 30-year-old Lloyd Tobin is gunned down on a lakefront beach in Texas, his family starts their own investigation to help police solve the case.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Secret Rendezvous

When a night out ends in bloodshed for 23-year-old Navy veteran Raul Mendoza, Houston police have many questions. But a tip from his sister could hold answers.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

What Happens In The Woods

A party in the woods ends in tragedy when the body of 18-year-old Jarret Clark is found in a lake. Will a surprise witness help solve the murder?

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Point Of No Return

Two teens are shot dead on a remote Florida beach in broad daylight. But with two jurisdictions on the case, leads are scarce - until an unexpected call comes in.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Lost Highway

22-year-old mum, Shawn Williams, goes to the store one night and never returns. Her body is found the next day along an Oklahoma river. Is the killer a man in...

Coming Soon

Episode 10


The body of 20-year-old transgender female, CeCe Dove, is found floating in a suburban pond near her Cleveland home. Are the motives personal and primal?