Episode 1

This Isn't a Game

Nine diverse Americans come together in a unique social experiment. Will they tear each other apart for life-changing cash?

Episode 2

This Bitch Bites

After a tumultuous start, a new arrival throws fuel into the fire. An epic fight erupts on the raft between two early allies.

Episode 3

Your Secret Is Safe With Me

Reeling from a toxic fight and an unexpected departure, the crew vows to stick together. With $45k at stake, can they put their troubles behind them?

Episode 4

Prepare To Send Nudes

A newcomer comes ready to light a match and watch the raft burn. But a chance to get naked and win more cash helps cool things off.

Episode 5

Step Back And Watch It Burn

After last night's elimination, the raft is in a state of shock. Jimmy capitalises on an opportunity to take over the raft.

Episode 6

I Was Betrayed

Tensions run high as CJ struggles to recover from his blow-up with Tara, who is now dead set on throwing him overboard.

Episode 7

He's Thinking With His D

The latest departure has the participants questioning everything. Is anyone safe? Then Riley comes aboard, putting their alliance to the test.

Episode 8

This Is Gonna Get Real Messy

Everything about the experiment has changed. No one is safe, and contestants' cleverly hidden dark sides are revealed.

Episode 9

Two-Faced Bitch

Two participants hatch a plan: take everyone else out and split the money. The fate of the experiment and all the money hangs in the balance.

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