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Kye Kelly hopes to organize the rag-tag New Orleans racers into a team. But will the racers agree to compete for spots on a top-five list?


Episode 1

These Ain't No Saints

Kye Kelly hopes to organize the rag-tag New Orleans racers into a team. But will the racers agree to compete for spots on a top-five list?

Episode 2

List Busters

Everyone is itching to climb the ranks. Bobby's Maverick has to defend the top spot against Brandon, while Kye's top spot is challenged by Scott Taylor.

Episode 3

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

New Orleans faces their first team challenge when Tennessee calls them out. Is the team solid enough to defeat the hustling outsiders?

Episode 4

Houston, We Have A Problem

The NOLA crew faces David Bird Jones's team in Houston. But a fight between Scott and Jerry threatens to tear the team apart.

Episode 5

The Shocker Shakeup

The New Orleans team returns to the Pad for list racing. But when Barry refuses to race Jerry Bird all hell breaks loose.

Episode 6


Kye tries brokering peace amongst the big-tire racers but the feuding parties won't compromise - so he invites an Alabama team to The Pad.

Episode 7

Raiders Of The Lost Ark-ansas

Kye and Bobby call out Arkansas for a showdown. The Birds fight to get their car going and Kye lightens the mood with a prank on Scott.

Episode 8

When the Saints Come Driving in

It's the final race night of the season, and Kye and Bobby have targets on their back. Meanwhile, Jason tries to fend off Barry with disastrous results.

Episode 10

Highway To Hell

Kye invites three new drivers to try for the top-five list. Jerry Bird, Jason Thames, and Barry Nicholson hope their off-season upgrades will help keep their spots.

Episode 11

A Long Way To The Top

Bobby shakes up the small-tyre list with three new racers. Teammates Shane Lester, Travis Santa Cruz, and Shannon Poole vow to send any new guys packing.

Episode 12


Kye wants to call out another top team. And the perfect opponent is Houston - featuring James "Birdman" Finney, David Bird Jones, and Barefoot Ronnie Pace.

Episode 13


The team is ready for a big competition. Kye and the big-tyre list head to Texas for Dignight - a single elimination shootout with the fastest street cars in the...

Episode 14

Shook Me All Night Long

Kye decides to shake up the big-tyre list again. He brings in newcomer David Bird Jones and Shane Lester and gives them a shot at the top five.

Episode 15

Back In Black

Scott, the number one big-tyre driver, rolls out a small-tyre car. Meanwhile, Brandon is determined to win against unbeaten number one, Bobby.

Episode 16

Hells Bells

Ready to test the New Orleans team's mettle against outside competition, Kye accepts a callout from a Georgia team that talks a lot of smack.

Episode 17

Walk All Over You

For the final race night of the season, Kye has one goal - get the number one big-tyre spot back from Scott. But when Barry calls Kye out first, tensions...

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