Episode 1

Neil Morrissey

Award-winning actor Neil Morrissey is reunited with a British classic, then drag races one of America's greatest cars and revisits a famous luxury saloon.

Episode 2

Patsy Kensit

Actress Patsy Kensit tours the East End in an affordable favourite, she revisits the glitzy London nightlife in a German tourer and drives a rare British legend.

Episode 3

Vic Reeves

Comedian Vic Reeves meets a car that is part aeroplane, he cruises along in a car fit for royalty and he takes the wheel of a British sports iconic vehicle.

Episode 4

Shaun Ryder

Manchester legend Shaun Ryder drives through his pasty in a shocking yellow banger, he takes the wheel of a luxury German sports car and sees a vintage vehicle.

Episode 5

Phil Tufnell

England Cricket star Phil Tufnell gets behind the wheel of a classic boy racer car. He drives a heavyweight saloon and a surprising amount of speed.

Episode 6

Alexei Sayle

Alternative comedy pioneer Alexei Sayle gets in trouble driving his unreliable Italian run-around. He rediscovers a British classic and tries an off-road course.

Episode 7

John Prescott

Political heavyweight John Prescott navigates Liverpool in his first set of wheels and revisits the scene of an infamous punch up in his former government motor.

Episode 8


DJ, composer and artist Goldie revisits his old stomping grounds in a world beating Japanese hatchback and discovers that even Italian supercars can let you down.

Episode 9

Episode 10

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