Episode 1

All-American Pick Up

Classic Car Studios gives a 1953 Chevy truck a custom restyling to make a couple's road trip dream car. And, an old client returns with some loud demands.

Episode 2

Hockey Mad Nomad

A hockey-mad family wants their '57 Nomad to be a mighty ride for everyday use and full-throttle track days. And a father and son restyle their 1967 Mustang.

Episode 3

Heavy Metal Model A

A rock star client asks Noah to give a Ford Model A some heavy metal attitude. This old school ride gets hot rod edge to turn this into rock n'...

Episode 4

Blazing Fast F-100

When a military veteran and retiring firefighter pitches Noah on his dream race truck, the shop teams up and turns this '70s pickup into an autocross bomb.

Episode 5

Hot Rod Power Tour

Noah and his crew transform their shop truck into a work of moving art for the Hot Rod Power Tour. A pilot wants his aviation-inspired Bel Air ready for take-off.

Episode 6

Cadillac Time Machine

The team is tasked with restoring a nostalgic client's 1965 Cadillac El Dorado to its original '60s style, while adding much needed modern technology.

Episode 7

Mean Mash-Up

A doctor in need of a fun ride wants the guys to turn his Chevy SSR into a mean yet classy motor. They transform this convertible truck mash-up into a...

Episode 8

Mini Car, Mega Power

The team rebuild a 1972 Mini for its speed-loving owner so she can race her boyfriend and enjoy country drives. A huge horsepower upgrade makes it a beast!

Episode 9

Chevelle Reborn - Part 1

A client wants to rebuild his first dream car, a wrecked 1971 Chevelle. Starting from nothing but a bare frame, the team begins to give it a new life.

Episode 10

Chevelle Reborn - Part 2

With new demands from their client, the team fights to finish the 1971 Chevelle revamp. It features Ferrari-inspired custom touches and a new power plant.