Episode 1

Rather Die Than Pay Retail

The Guileses try to renovate their 100-year-old house as cheaply as possible. The Watsons are planning their daughter's wedding on a $750 budget.

Episode 2

Saving For A Rainy Day

The Watsons get cheap engagement photos, and Ashley and Colby try to conceive. Becky Guiles looks for cheap ways to tear down a wall.

Episode 3

Cheap Dreams Are Made Of This

Shelley Watson finds inspiration for a cheap wedding venue, but Brittney isn't impressed. And, Tony Clayton ruins Angela and Cierra's girls' night.

Episode 4

Cheap Child O' Mine

Brittney and Shelley make amends. Becky takes Jay on a date to make up for her cheapskate ways, and Angela finally gets fed up with Tony's cheapness.

Episode 5

Rolling In The Cheap

The Watsons prepare for Brittney's bachelorette party. Becky struggles to spend money buying furniture, and the Claytons go to free therapy.

Episode 6

Smells Like Cheap Spirit

It's Brittney's wedding day, and anything could go wrong on just a $750 budget. Becky reveals the new room to Jay - plus a secret about the money.

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