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Recounts the story of murder investigations that required law enforcement to untangle a complicated web of relationships in order to uncover the truth.


Episode 7


Elizabeth Palmer works with Matt Scott in California's housing industry. When their bodies are found in their office in execution-style killings, detectives are baffled.

Episode 8

The Happy Groom

Michael Reese is a good husband and loving son. But when his wife Cindy comes home to find him shot dead, police must unravel the secrets that led to his...

Episode 9

The Last Shot

Single father of four Richard Mannion always follows his heart. But when he is found shot dead in his home, police suspect he sought out love in all the wrong...

Episode 10

Mississippi Mayhem

Tattoo artist Greg May is set to move to Florida with a new girlfriend when he disappears. Iowa investigators cover five states to uncover a horrific plot.

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