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Coming Soon

Episode 1

A New Start

Aaron Kaufman checks out a '71 International Scout to transform into a street legal Ultra 4 race car and compete in the legendary King of Hammers.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Scout 66

Aaron and his team rush to get the International Scout ready in time for King of the Hammers. But a series of problems, from redoing the fenders to leaks threaten...

Coming Soon

Episode 3

King Of The Hammers

Aaron and his crew barely reach King of the Hammers in California. Can their '71 International Scout beat the pros in the ultimate test of rock and desert racing?

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Big Rig Gig

Aaron takes on a challenge to build a Semi-Race Truck. He brings on experts in the field, Bob Ball and his son Justin, to bring the horsepower to the max.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Semi-Charmed Kinda Truck

The clock is ticking as Aaron and the team struggle to finish their truck for the Pikes Peak race. Do they have what it takes to get to the starting...

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Trucked And Loaded

Aaron is at Pikes Peak International Raceway in Colorado Springs competing multiple races - but his truck is falling apart. Will he be able to finish the event?

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Rally Time

Aaron tries building and racing a rally car. He and his builders try to navigate this fast-paced world, where winning is rare for novices and losing can be fatal.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Cage Match

Aaron pushes hard for the upcoming Olympus Rally. But, when he picks up the Subaru from getting a paint job, he faces his biggest setback yet.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

The Olympus Rally

The team arrives in Washington for the Olympus Rally Race, but it's a rocky road to the podium as failing equipment and bitter frustration cause problems.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Model A-K

Aaron plans to take a Model A Dragster and his Harley WLA to The Race of Gentlemen, a vintage beach drag race with a bunch of other hot rod enthusiasts.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Wildwood Or Bust

Aaron and his builders rush to get the Model A Dragster and Harley WLA ready for the Race of Gentlemen. But problems with the dragster threaten his chances.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

The Race Of Gentlemen

Aaron and his team arrive at The Race of Gentlemen with their Harley and Model A Dragster. But an accident and a serious injury cast a pall over the event.