Episode 2

Murder Or Suicide?

A 26-year-old is found dead inside her home and it is declared a suicide, but a determined investigator looks further when friends of the victim come forward.

Episode 3

The Lawyer, The Dancer, And The Hitman

When attorney James DiMartino is shot in the head in broad daylight, the suspects range from his lover, to his wife, to his business partner.

Episode 4

Right Place, Wrong Time

When a woman is found sexually assaulted at work, it first appears to be a robbery gone horribly wrong. Ten years later, the case takes an unexpected turn.

Episode 6

The Doctor Is Out

In 2012, Dr. Joseph Sonnier is found murdered in his Texas home. Who would want to kill a well-known and beloved doctor and father?

Episode 8

Beware The Green-Eyed Monster

When Texas boxing gym owner, Jimmy Sims, is shot in his driveway, his wife accuses Jimmy's mistress of the crime - but is it just a ruse?

Episode 9

Mergers And Inquisitions

A wealthy New York financier is found murdered in his mansion. Video surveillance may have captured the event, but investigators go down a winding road.