Episode 1

Diamonds In The Rough

Sweatpant fans Kayla and Cody fell in love playing softball. With no budget for their wedding, can George Kotsiopoulos glam them up in under five days?

Episode 2

The Couch Is Quicksand

Couch-lovers Lisa and Vinny are getting wed but had no time to focus on themselves. Can style expert George Kotsiopoulos revive them in time for the big day?

Episode 3

Instant Family

Jessica and David have let style and fashion slide thanks to full time jobs and raising a son. Can George get them wedding-ready in just three weeks?

Episode 4

We Lost Everything

Brittany and Justin were just one month away from their wedding date when a fire destroyed everything they had. Now two weeks away, can George save their big day?

Episode 5

No Dress, No Suit, No Venue, Oh My!

Kristen and Max have taken their chill lifestyle to the extreme. With only weeks until their wedding, there's no dress or venue in sight!

Episode 6

We Kind Of Like To Splurge

Stephanie and Adel have been together for six years - enough time to develop unhealthy habits. Can George help get them trim in time for their wedding?

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