About The Show

Royal dress designer David Emanuel is packing his bags and heading to Sin City to help spontaneous and impulsive British brides find their jackpot dress in record time.


Episode 1

Suitably Sozzled

Cervena has 48 hours to find a dress for her second wedding. Ella met her groom on a drunken night and now wants a luxe wedding - will her entourage...

Episode 2

You've Dressed A Princess, Now You're Two Queens!

Gary and Carl are having fab drag wedding. Can David find a dress fit for each queen with just one day to spare?

Episode 3

Say Yes To Everything

Amy is having an Elvis wedding to get out of her comfort zone, but will she say yes to everything? Natalie seeks a frock to match fiancée Liza's baroque suit.

Episode 4

Every Bride Wants To Make An Entrance

Samantha needs David's help to find a gown to cover a few unwanted chest tattoos. Picky Jenny wants a sexy dress fit for a nightclub reception.

Episode 5

No Plain Jane Here

Amy and Nathaniel are getting wed in a theatrical Vegas venue, so David looks for show-stopping outfits. And, bride Mary Jane is having a very macho hen party!

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