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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Buyer's Remorse

Brides who regret their impulsive dress decisions are on the hunt for the perfect gown. Can Miranda and Britney leave all memories of their sample dresses behind?

Coming Soon

Episode 2

The Best Is Yet To Come

Bride Heather, who lost her mum, brings those closest to her to find the perfect dress. Ashley brings her dad whose opinion means the world to her.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

The One To Beat

Pageant queen Aurajoy is determined to find a curve-hugging gown, while Cheryl is torn between a dress she has been stuck on and a brand new contender.

Coming Soon

Episode 4


Wedding officiant Tade is in pursuit of a unique dress that she hasn't already seen on one of her many clients. Plus, bridal consultant Dimitra is in for her fitting.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Living The Theme

Bride Traci wants a retro dress for her rocking 50's themed wedding. Bride Nicole arrives from Newfoundland to find the perfect lace dress for her 1920's wedding.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

The Business Of Romance

Romance novelist Laura is determined to find a mermaid gown but mum has other ideas. Kaavya has trouble seeing eye to eye with her conservative mum.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Beach Brides

Finding the perfect dress for a destination wedding is not always a day at the beach. Dee is looking to find a sparkly ball gown for her wedding under the...

Coming Soon

Episode 8

More Is More

Some brides want more! Bride Eleni is looking to take home two dresses- a perfect curve hugging dress and a flawless ball gown for her amusement park wedding.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Generations' Expectations

When bride Tiffany arrives at the salon, she is hoping she can find a dress she loves, while also satisfying the requests from her mother and grandmother.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Double Trouble

Jennifer brings her stylish twin sister Jessica to speak on her behalf, while Christina refuses to commit to a dress until she can see how it looks on twin Shelby.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Picky Is Tricky

Bride Charlene has tried fifty dresses and hopes she can finally commit to a dress. Bride Nicole struggles to articulate her vision of perfection.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Here Come The Brides

Couple Jessica and Kristine are both looking for perfect dresses for their beach wedding, while Ender receives dress advice from her bridal consultant friend.

Coming Soon

Episode 13

Musical Matrimony

Bride Jennifer, who is marrying a rock-star, wants a dress that bears no resemblance to the red carpet gowns she's worn in the past.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

In Sickness & In Health

Tiffany wants a lace dress for her walk down the aisle with her dad. Ally wishes her mum, who passed away from cancer, was there to help her pick a...

Coming Soon

Episode 15

Pitching In

Bride Nancy arrives looking for a "wow" dress and her generous friends want to help her fulfil that wish. Bride Anita arrives ready to find a ball gown covered in...

Coming Soon

Episode 16

Eye On The Prize

Olympian Michelle Kelly is searching for a fitted gown worthy of a gold medal, while hunter Kelly keeps missing the mark when it comes to finding a dress.

Coming Soon

Episode 17

Sister Sister

After losing seventy pounds, Jessica doesn't know what silhouette to choose and brings her sister to help. Dimiana hopes her sister can handpick a dress she loves.

Coming Soon

Episode 18

That Which Makes You Stronger

After an incredible weight loss of one hundred pounds, Charlene arrives at Amanda-Lina's looking for a ball gown that is flattering to her new body.

Coming Soon

Episode 19

She Stops She Scores

Dancer La Toya wants a dress that shows off her curves and channels Hollywood glam, while bodybuilder Danielle needs a dress that showcases her toned back.

Coming Soon

Episode 20

Mom Matters Most

Bailey arrives with her opinionated and outspoken mom in search of a lace gown, while Miro will not say yes to a dress unless she receives mom's approval first.