Episode 1

Jarring Politics

Bride Angie dreams of a country wedding. But her sister Carolina wants her bridesmaid dress to have lots of sparkles and is fighting Angie's more casual vision.

Episode 2

Singled Out

Bride Cortney's maid of honour turns into a monster after she is singled out as the only unmarried maid. When tension heightens even more, can Cortney save the day?

Episode 3

Cold Feet and Hot Tempers

Bride Renee's decision to appoint a guy friend as "male of honour" sends her best girlfriend into rage. Will the bride have one less maid on her big day?

Episode 4

Girl Power

Bride Vilma's dress vision is completely inflexible - the dress must be the exact same shade of green as her emerald engagement ring. Will she find the perfect dress?

Episode 5

PhD in Persuasion

18-year-old bride Kelsey arrives with plenty of drama over a broken promise about who would be her maid of honour. Can her consultant stop the high school drama?

Episode 6

Falling Apart at the Seams

Michael and Chris have different visions for their wedding. When tensions heat up between the two grooms, can Lori bring love back into the appointment?

Episode 7

Pray for Peace

Bride Heather's fiancé acts like a drill sergeant when picking out dresses. Frustrated with his spiteful attitude, Heather threatens to become a runaway bride.

Episode 8

Mudslingin' Mamas

Bride Jessica's brash mother is full of immature antics that cause her bridesmaids to feel self-conscious in their dresses. Can consultant Nikky tame the wild mum?

Episode 9

Catfight on the Catwalk

Cassie's two besties have hated each other since the day they met. When the feud is about to be continued in the bridal store, can Cassie prevent the drama?

Episode 10

Breaking the Rules

Brides Amber and Ajeshia can't compromise on the necklines of the bridesmaid dresses and even consult a boob-o-meter. Can they settle on an acceptable level?

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