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11th December


About The Show

Modern day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard travels the length and breadth of the country in search of weird and wonderful objects. The bigger the hoard, the happier he is.


Episode 1


Drew finally opens his own antiques shop in his home town of Conwy. So, he goes to the Cotswolds and one of the UK's largest indoor antiques, looking for treasure.

Episode 2

Back To Basics

With his new shop opening to the public, Drew needs more stock than ever. He spots a '60s Danish sofa in Malvern and a pair of tapestries in Welshpool.

Episode 3

The X Factor

Drew seeks standout items to lure more customers to his shop. In Derbyshire, he finds a Regency picture frame, and buys a pair of Danish rattan chairs in Harrogate.

Episode 4

When Opportunity Knocks

Drew is always hunting undiscovered treasures. He has a rare chance to scour the wild items at Chester Zoo. And in Leicestershire, he unearths a royal relic.

Episode 5

Taking Risks

Drew's business has expanded so he needs twice as many items! He visits a quirky house in Suffolk, to discover a barn full of salvage from around the globe.

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