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As the winter ice thaws, Idaho’s River of No Return flows, and the people living on its violent shores navigate the raging spring rapids. The small community hustles to work, so they can survive another season in this rugged and dangerous backcountry. Bonded by the challenges of back country life, twenty-three-year-old green horn rancher, Aubrey, is new to the Frank Church Wilderness and needs to prove that she belongs. Veteran wilderness guide Ron, fights for the future of his trade in packing, while captain Buck Dewey faces daily battles on the River of No Return in a customised boat, built to take on the rapids.


Episode 1

Roaring Back To Life

Idaho's winter ice is thawing and the people living on the banks of the River of No Return are forced to navigate the potentially fatal spring rapids.

Episode 2

Bearing Down On The Ranch

A rancher along the river is threatened by a predatory bear that is stalking the homestead and is forced to aggressively protect himself and his cattle.

Episode 3

Rapid Response

A jetboat captain is forced to spring into action as a rafter topples into the murky waters of the river. And, heavy rain threatens to destroy Aubrey's ranch.

Episode 4

Horsepower Up

Buck decides it is time for his 8-year old son Dax to learn how to captain a Jetboat. Meanwhile, rancher Aubrey looks after a pregnant mare during a risky delivery.

Episode 5

Dead Men And Widows

Father and son jetboat captains take on Deadman's Rapids. And, felling a huge dead tree puts Ron and Wes at risk from crashing widow makers.

Episode 6

Hard As Rocks

With dangerous rocks exposed by low water, Buck must hit high speeds to keep his jetboat safe from harm. Landing solo on a narrow airstrip tests Katie as a pilot.

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