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Siblings Leanne and Steve Ford renovate older homes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Designer Leanne and Steve collaborate to create modern masterpieces.


Episode 9

Steve Buys a House

The Ford siblings take on their toughest client yet: Steve. He has bought a run-down warehouse that he wants to transform into a hip bachelor pad.

Episode 10

Colonial Turned Chic

A couple call on Steve and Leanne to give their home a contemporary makeover. Leanne keeps the European style with wallpaper and an art installation.

Episode 11

The Silence Between the Chords

Siblings and Leanne and Steve are hired to convert a quirky art collector's cramped quarters into a fun setting for all her art.

Episode 12

Old Bones, New Guts

Two artists call on Leanne and Steve to give their traditional home a contemporary makeover. But, the old stairway threatens to derail the whole project.

Episode 13

Spanish Villa

Siblings Leanne and Steve are hired to restore a Spanish-style villa. She exploits the space and transforms the cramped living areas into light, bright spaces.

Episode 14

A Poet's Den

Siblings Leanne and Steve are hired to fix a home with zero flow between each room. They take down walls and reposition doors to optimise the house's space.

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