Episode 1

Hiding In Plain Sight

Valerie Tierman's parents were concerned after she failed to wish her brother a happy birthday. After a body is found, the race is on to discover the truth.

Episode 2

Cabin In The Woods

Christina Woods was reported missing in 2018 by her mother. Detectives unravel a series of complicated connections that eventually lead to the truth.

Episode 3

Left For Dead

A 25-year-old woman is stabbed in her own home and left to die near her young children. Two suspects emerge, the father to her children and her new boyfriend.

Episode 4

Murder On The Tracks

A man is murdered in a seemingly random attack while working on the railroad. Years later detectives uncover a sinister plot involving those closest to him.

Episode 5

Nightmare In Northport

A 62-year-old grandmother is found viciously beaten to death in her own home. The investigation into her murder unravels a murky world of drugs and violence.

Episode 6

Murder For Eviction

Ross Reisner is enjoying an evening with his partner when bullets fly through the window of their home. The police hunt for a former friend of the couple.

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