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As the Busby Quints grow from babies to big girls, everything’s changing. Danielle and Adam must manage the moods, mayhem, magic and five times the mess!


Episode 1

Recap: The First 5 Years

Adam and Danielle Busby take a look back to five years ago, when their lives were turned upside down and they welcomed a set of quintuplets into the world!

Episode 1

Blayke And The Babysitting

Adam and Danielle debate about whether Blayke is ready to babysit the Quints. Plus, the Graeson Bee storefront impacts Danielle's health.

Episode 2

The Thanksgiving Disaster

Danielle and Adam navigate new roles in their family. When their oven breaks right before they have to host Thanksgiving, Adam must off a miracle.

Episode 3

Riley And The Catwalk

The Quints prepare to be supermodels at a fashion show. Plus, Danielle attempts to juggle Uncle Dale, bad weather and a disastrous hot chocolate bar.

Episode 4

Ava And The First Dance

The Bubsys rush from a dance recital to a Christmas parade to hosting a cookie party! Later, Danielle and Adam clash over her struggles to stay in shape.

Episode 5

Hazel And The Sloth

The Quints and Blayke put 'Fun Dad' Adam to the test when Danielle goes to Dallas for six days. Hazel struggles to learn how to ride her bike.

Episode 6

Danielle And The Bacon

The Quints and Blayke surprise Danielle with a spa day for her belated birthday. After being apart, Adam and Danielle's date reveals deep-seated issues.

Episode 7

Parker And The Glamping

Adam takes the Quints old-school camping against Danielle's wishes. Blayke's first big middle-school dance brings up growing pains for her and Danielle.

Episode 8

Olivia And The Pink Limo

Adam grapples with taking all the Quints to their first Daddy-Daughter Dance. Danielle looks for new ways to welcome fitness back into her life.

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