Episode 1


Chef Jock Zonfrillo visits the remote island of Tanna in Vanuatu to meet the Yakel people. He hopes to learn their traditional hunting, foraging and cooking techniques.

Episode 2


Chef Jock Zonfrillo adds green ants, stingray livers and mangrove worms to his repertoire when he heads to a remote Aboriginal community off Australia's north coast.

Episode 3


Chef Jock Zonfrillo experiences a challenging Christmas dinner and has a go at brewing a wicked moonshine when he ventures into Ethiopia's highlands.

Episode 4


Jock Zonfrillo wrestles with pig's blood, river moss and elephant apples when he heads to Yunnan province to discover the local Dai people's unique cuisine.

Episode 5


Jock hikes into the mountains of Luzon to discover how the culinary traditions of a tribe of former headhunters have remained untouched for centuries.

Episode 6


Jock Zonfrillo takes to the high seas to herd flying fish, tries octopus sucker sashimi and munches on raw venison liver when he travels to the rugged island of Yakushima.

Episode 7


Jock Zonfrillo goes diving for conch and hunting for rodents when he travels to Belize to discover the culinary secrets of the descendants of ancient Mayans slaves.

Episode 8


Chef Jock Zonfrillo experiences the full force of an electric eel and chows down on barbecued weevils when he heads deep into the Peruvian Amazon.

Episode 9


Jock goes 'skyfishing' for puffins and cooks with fermented fish heads when he discovers the culinary secrets of Viking descendants in the remote Faroe Islands.

Episode 10


Jock explores how Celtic and Roman traditions helped shape the cuisine of northern Spain. He risks life and limb harvesting goose barnacles on a wave-battered coast.

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