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Designer duo Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent change the lives of homeowners who have gone over budget and over schedule. They turn money-pits into masterpieces.


Episode 1

Luxury Retreat

Albert promised Anna he would turn an abandoned hilltop retreat into their dream home: years later, it's a mess. Design experts Nate and Jeremiah come to the rescue.

Episode 2

Modern Beach Barn

When Lauren and George bought their first home, Lauren lost her job and then found out she was pregnant. Can Nate and Jeremiah transform their dysfunctional space?

Episode 3

Modern Traditional

Julia and Mario want their kids to grow up with traditional Sunday dinners, but their small kitchen and awkward layout are a problem. Nate and Jeremiah step in.

Episode 4


Designer duo Nate and Jeremiah help couple Helen and Clayton, whose half-finished renovation and dwindling budget putting a strain on both of them.

Episode 5

Relaxed Global

Edgar and Theresa are struggling with their home. A serious HVAC and mould problem mean their kids sleep on the living room sofa. Nate and Jeremiah help them out.

Episode 6

The New Chalet

The dynamic duo are called in to help a couple whose stalled, eight-year-long, renovation has put their marriage on hold. Can the guys fix more than a home?

Episode 7

Baby Grand

A couple attempted some very simple renovations but failed miserably. Nate and Jeremiah help them create a home where they can spend family time together.

Episode 8

Island Breeze

Nicole wants her dad to move in with her while he's recovering from cancer treatments. Nate and Jeremiah race to fix her kitchen, which was destroyed by floods.

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