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Surviving in one of the world’s most hostile environments with no food, no water, and no clothes is a challenge that only the toughest individuals can endure. But doing it alone takes it to the next level.

In this thrilling series, eight elite survivalists from previous series return to tackle a new 21–day challenge, without a tribe, without a partner.

With no help of any kind, not only are the tasks of gathering food, water, fire and shelter more physically demanding, trying to survive in complete solitude for three weeks tests their mental toughness like never before. These individuals pride themselves on being tough – are they self-sufficient enough to endure these gruelling conditions?


Episode 1

Alone Man Up Or Bow Out

Trying to survive 21 days completely solo, All-Star survivalist Luke McLaughlin takes on the dangerous wilderness of South Africa.

Episode 2

Alone: Blazed And Confused

Survivalist Ryan Holt is solo in South Africa. Having eaten contaminated fruit in his XL challenge, he vows to only eat meat - if he can kill anything.

Episode 3

Alone Hunted And Haunted

Surrounded by lions and hyenas, All-Star survivalist Lacey Jones is isolated, vulnerable and sleep-deprived as she takes on the African bush.

Episode 4

Alone: Gary Of The Jungle

All-Star survivalist, Gary Golding, takes on the Belize jungle alone. He bonds with a turtle called Timmy, but an infection threatens his challenge.

Episode 5

Alone: Max Pushed To The Max

Constantly on the run to avoid territorial rhinos, elephants and lions, survivalist Max takes on the punishing African Savannah.

Episode 6

Alone: Bugging Out

As darkness shrouds the jungles of Belize, Kim Kelly is utterly alone. She's surrounded only by torrential downpours, infuriating ticks, and howler monkeys.

Episode 7

Alone: Lonely Like The Wolf

In the Bulgarian mountains, packs of wolves and boars stalk all-star survivalist EJ Synder. Alone and without fire, he is an easy target for predators.

Episode 8

Survive Or Ky Tryin

All-star survivalist Ky struggles in the Amazon rainforest. He faces swarms of mosquitos, blood-thirsty piranhas and caiman-filled waters.

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