Episode 1

Demolition Dominoes

The team tackles two tabletop gaming myths. Is it possible to pull off the impossible Jenga move and can the domino effect lead to a car-crushing catastrophe?

Episode 2

Gravity Busters

The team tests the gravity-defying properties of a child's toy before trying the concept on a car. And, they explore amazing claims about the longevity of a pencil.

Episode 5

Bug Special

Adam and the team tackle some insect-themed tall tales. They test whether a scaled-up bug trap can trap a human, and also see if spider silk is stronger than steel.

Episode 6

Paper Shred Ka-Boom!

The team investigates if a paper shredder plus canned air is a recipe for disaster. Plus, they tackle an age-old kitchen condiment conundrum.

Episode 10

Breaking Bad Blow-Up

Guest Vince Gilligan challenges the team to determine if a computer hard drive can be destroyed using magnets. And, can furniture be used to block a door?