Episode 1

Ark of the Covenant

Adventurer Olly Steeds treks through tunnels under Jerusalem and across the Egyptian desert to test the theory that the Holy Ark was smuggled to Ethiopia.

Episode 2

Nazca Lines

Olly Steeds goes in search of the meaning behind the famous Nazca lines in Peru. Stellar maps, alien landing pads or irrigation plans - Olly investigates the theories.

Episode 3

Lost City of Gold

Deep in South America lives the myth of El Dorado. But is the city real? Adventurer Olly Steeds heads into the Andes to try and find out.

Episode 4


The Greek philosopher Plato described the destruction of Atlantis. But was it a real city and does it lie beneath the Mediterranean? Olly Steeds investigates.

Episode 5

Nazi Treasure

The Amber Room, looted by the Nazis in WWII, had been described as the eighth wonder of the world. Olly tries to trace the missing Russian treasure.

Episode 6

Hitler's Mummies

Olly Steeds investigates the inner workings of the Nazi propaganda machine and examines the Third Reich's fascination with mummies.

Episode 7

Devil's Island

Olly Steeds experiences the horrors of prison life at the notorious Devil's Island prison in French Guiana, testing whether tales of great escapes could be true.

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