Episode 1

The Woman Whose Flesh Was Eaten Alive

June goes for a mammogram but just days later she loses a breast and fights for her life. Doctors struggles to help baby Brianna's seizures.

Episode 2

The Boy Who Only Hopped

Eleven-year-old Sammy exhibits bizarre behaviours. Lynda wakes up with painful red eyelids and then weeks later, goes into anaphylactic shock.

Episode 3

The Man with Hundreds of Lumps

Jessica is stricken with fevers and crippling migraines, and after Jake finds hundreds of painful, fatty lumps appearing on his body.

Episode 4

The Baby Who Bruised Easily

A baby continuously has peculiar bruises all over her body. Then one day, a tiny scratch causes her excessive bleeding. An active Dad can no longer walk.

Episode 5

The Girl with No Bowel

At 48, Karen may be suffering from a rare fatal disease. And Pam, an active and healthy mother, is suddenly stricken with sharp and strange bumps on her body.

Episode 6

The Man Covered in Boils

Sore, unexplainable boils suddenly start to develop on Lonnie's head. And Theresa experiences bizarre vision loss during her pregnancy.

Episode 7

The Toddler That Went Through Puberty

A three-year-old's unexplained vaginal bleeding sends her parents searching for answers. A college freshman is unable to hold her food down.

Episode 8

The Toddler That Stopped Walking

A scared mother rushes her baby to the hospital when she can no longer walk or stand. And a runner's foot numbness begins to spread across his body.

Episode 9

The Woman with Unusual DNA

When Jeanne fails to hit puberty, doctors soon find that something is very wrong. And Mary is suddenly hit with a collapsed lung and breathing problems.

Episode 10

The Boy With The 150 Pound Leg

Adrian's right leg has become excessively large and weighs 150lbs. Kathy suffers from a blistering rash and experiences excessive weight loss.

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