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The moon landing in 1969 was one of the greatest feats ever achieved by mankind, an epic journey by three legendary astronauts that tested the limits of human ingenuity. Or was it?

In the years since, many theories have arisen that this achievement was faked in what would be one of the greatest hoaxes ever created.

In this fascinating series, a team of experts and investigators interview key witnesses and look at all the evidence for both possibilities, to truly separate the facts from the fiction.


Episode 1

Fire In The Cockpit

Experts investigate to see if the fire on Apollo 1 that killed three astronauts was a cover-up. Was it a tragic accident or part of the moon landing conspiracy?

Episode 2

NASA Nazi Conspiracy

Experts investigate if there was a conspiracy to fake the moon landing. Does a secret report suggest the Nazis were involved in the Apollo space programme?

Episode 3

CIA's Secret Space War

Confidential CIA files reveal a secret war for space between America and the Soviets. And, experts investigate American espionage during the Apollo programme.

Episode 4

Killing Armstrong

Experts investigate the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle that nearly killed Neil Armstrong during training. Some believe this proves why the moon landing is fake.

Episode 5

Conspiracy Of The Lost Tapes

The NASA tapes that recorded the Apollo 11 moon landing are missing. Experts examine whether their disappearance is part of a cover-up.

Episode 6

The Hollywood Conspiracy

Some think the waving US flag on the moon proves that NASA faked the lunar landing. Experts' quest for the truth leads to some of Hollywood's biggest names.

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